Neighborhood Networking

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dc.description Residents and communities are the foundation of cities. Unfortunately in the case of Flint Michigan, like many other cities, these populations have become disinvested through unjust and detached urban planning. Neighborhood Networking introduces equitable urban planning through a neighborhood framework plan that utilizes a methodology that is inclusive and reflects upon the forms and functions of networking at various urban scales. en_US
dc.description.abstract Shifting urban planning methodologies to reintroduce equity, support the foundation of a city and emphasize the strength of community engagement through networking. Urban contexts are compositions of interwoven systems of networks whose interactions, transactions and actions determine its functionality. Small scale components such as Individuals and communities are linchpins in these frameworks, and equity in urban planning begins here marking the beginning of a causal sequence unfettered by the limitations of urban scale. Conventional methods of urban planning miss the significance of urban scale and the presence of urban networks, resulting in one-sided development leaving communities locked in a state of disinvestment. This research studies how appropriately scaled urban planning can reintroduce resources and allow disinvested communities to become self-sustaining through a methodology that utilizes networking concepts from various urban scales by highlighting interaction through physical and social networks. Utilizing networking methodologies in urban planning allows us to transform the perception of cities as places, spaces and locations into active networks of interactions, transactions, and actions that initiate development, sustainability, and creates equitable planning that connects individuals, neighborhoods, cities and regions. en_US
dc.publisher Blurb en_US
dc.subject Urban Planning, Neighborhood, Networking en_US
dc.title Neighborhood Networking en_US
dc.title.alternative Equitable Urban Planning Through Networking en_US
dc.type Book en_US

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