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The University of Detroit Mercy Libraries/Instructional Design Studio presents the Research Repository, developed in consultation with the Office of Sponsored Programs and Research Activities. The purpose of this resource is to preserve the research and scholarly achievements of UDM faculty, staff and students in perpetuity.

This resource provides value to the UDM community in the following ways:


Making your work publicly accessible via the Research Repository will ensure more of your peers can find it and will cite it.


The UDM Research Repository uses special technology that assures the stability of your work's location online, making the citation to it both reliable and accessible.


The UDM Research Repository supports a variety of formats, and we encourage you to deposit not just the finished work but also related materials (including data, images, audio and video files, etc.) that give context to the work.

Safe storage

You will only have to deposit the work into the Research Repository once. From then on the UDM Libraries and Instructional Design Studio take care of backups, compatibility, and format issues. There are some technical limitations to the formats we can support, but we are committed to preserving the integrity of your work exactly as you deposit it.

Control over access

The UDM Research Repository allows you to limit data viewing to the UDM community if you choose. This is difficult to do on a personal website without hiding the work completely.

The UDM Libraries and Instructional Design Studio provide this service free to you as part of the UDM scholarly community.

The material featured on this site is subject to copyright protection unless otherwise indicated.

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