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The University of Detroit Mercy Libraries/Instructional Design Studio present these batchelors and masters theses as fulfillment of students' requirements for graduation. The theses reflect the research, analysis, creative interpretation, and writing of the respective students. The University of Detroit Mercy accepts these theses as the original work of each student without endorsement of any specific theories, themes, architecture structure or creative interpretation.

The material featured on this site is subject to copyright protection unless otherwise indicated. Portions of the documents may be reproduced for study, research, or non-commercial purposes in any format or medium without permission. Request for commercial use should be addressed to the Dean of University Libraries/Instructional Design Studio.

Currently, this collection contains theses from the School of Architecture classes starting in 2004. Future theses for the School of Architecture and Honors Program will be collected online.

Moving the collections

We are in the process of moving collections to this new version of our digital repository software (Dspace). Unfortunately, loading content onto this new server is a time-consuming process. During this transition period, you may access all previously available content on the old server. Click here to view the old content.

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