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If you are an Architecture student who needs help submitting your thesis to this collection, please review the submission guide [PDF], or contact the Instructional Design Studio at (313) 578-0580 or

Recent Submissions

  • Malbouef, Stephen (2022-08-31)
    This study investigates how adaptive reuse and historic preservation can be applied in a practical manner in order to transform Detroit’s Belle Isle Boathouse, the former home of the Detroit Boat Club, into a public gateway ...
  • Marcantonio, Philip (2022-05-16)
    Throughout the turn of the 20th century humanity saw a shift in its way of life as technology evolved ever so rapidly. This technological integration, having lasted for already over a half of a century, has crossed ...
  • Short, Chelsea (Blurb, 2022-05-13)
    Shifting urban planning methodologies to reintroduce equity, support the foundation of a city and emphasize the strength of community engagement through networking. Urban contexts are compositions of interwoven systems of ...
  • Kile, Taylor (2022-05-16)
    Tourism is not a new concept; however, only recently have individuals begun to fully understand the positive and negative effects tourism can play on a local community. For example, in the book, Tourism: Economic, Physical ...
  • Tavernier, Neteya (2022-05-16)
    This thesis explores how underprivileged communities can be supported and transformed to overtime become self-sustaining. A self-sustaining community is one that is planned, built, or modified to promote sustainable living ...

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