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University of Detroit Mercy Dissertation, Thesis, and Student Project Collections


The University of Detroit Mercy Libraries/Instructional Design Studio present these bachelors theses, masters theses, and doctoral dissertations as fulfillment of students' requirements for graduation. This set of collections also includes student projects, including capstones and other creative and academic student work. The documents reflect the research, analysis, creative interpretation, and writing of the respective students. The University of Detroit Mercy accepts these theses as the original work of each student without endorsement of any specific theories, themes, architecture structure or creative interpretation.

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Recent Submissions

  • McIntosh, Amy (2022-11-22)
    The goal of this quality improvement project was to change the staffing model for low and moderate risk suicidal patients in an emergency department, from one- on -one observation to camera observation, RN and Mental Health ...
  • Malbouef, Stephen (2022-08-31)
    This study investigates how adaptive reuse and historic preservation can be applied in a practical manner in order to transform Detroit’s Belle Isle Boathouse, the former home of the Detroit Boat Club, into a public gateway ...
  • Marcantonio, Philip (2022-05-16)
    Throughout the turn of the 20th century humanity saw a shift in its way of life as technology evolved ever so rapidly. This technological integration, having lasted for already over a half of a century, has crossed ...
  • Short, Chelsea (Blurb, 2022-05-13)
    Shifting urban planning methodologies to reintroduce equity, support the foundation of a city and emphasize the strength of community engagement through networking. Urban contexts are compositions of interwoven systems of ...
  • Kile, Taylor (2022-05-16)
    Tourism is not a new concept; however, only recently have individuals begun to fully understand the positive and negative effects tourism can play on a local community. For example, in the book, Tourism: Economic, Physical ...

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