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  • Reilly, Robert James (2016-01-22)
    The purpose of this paper is to show that Chesterton's literary criticism is not a thing distinct from his thought as a whole, but is rather a by-product, a necessary extension of his philosophical concepts. In order to ...
  • Schmoke, Margaret Ann (2013-11-15)
    How did it happen that the Reverend Charles Dodgson, thirty years of age, lecturer on geometry at Christ Church, Oxford, hitherto remarkable chiefly for his precision, on a single July afternoon, while rowing up the ...
  • Baumgartner, Edward George, Reverend (2012-05-19)
    The name of Daniel Heinsius, the author of De Tragoediae Constitutione, is well known to students of the history of English literary criticism. Generally, however, it is by name and reputation only that Heinsius is known, ...
  • Mlodzik, Mary Nazaria, Sister (2012-05-18)
    The main purpose of this paper is to show how the imagery of Gerard Manley Hopkins' verse is drawn from the notes in his Journal and to study the evolution to the fixed and definite forms of his imagery. Although Hopkins ...
  • Brown, M. Rose Ellen, Sister (2012-05-18)
    The purpose of this thesis is to show that Christopher Marlowe is an exponent of the Renaissance in that one can detect some aspects of that age reflected in his works. Before considering the personality of Marlowe, the ...

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