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Master of Community Development Capstone Collection


The Capstone project culminates the Master of Community Development program. The project involves the creation of a comprehensive community development proposal for a real situation in a specific community that integrates human, organizational, economic, and physical concerns. The project is developed by a team of students and is pursue in collaboration with a local municipality, community development corporation, or sponsoring entity.

Recent Submissions

  • Collard, Nathan; Devlin, Alan; Howard, Bethany; Kraus, John; Williams, Iva June (2023-01-18)
    This capstone project’s research opened dialogue between neighbors and community partners. Our written case studies identify a pattern of ineffective and incomplete engagement, specifically with the residents of the ...
  • Carlisle, Katie; Casillas, Cinthya; Finet, David; Perry, Tammie; Thorn, Taylor (2023-01-18)
    The Team developed three implementation proposals that could assist the Jefferson Chalmers and Yorkshire Woods neighborhood, as well as other, similar neighborhoods in the city.
  • Davis, Alexis; LaNoue, Linda; McCain, Ian; Murray-Brown, Donna (2023-01-18)
    Let this body of work serve as a collection of knowledge and tools to guide the community development sector in Detroit to restore land, culture, and resources to all survivors of colonization. This body of work aims to ...
  • Koleszar, Austin, J.; Smalley, Cortney; Stoeser, Raymond, IV; Young, Colleen (2023-01-18)
    aboration with the North Corktown Neighborhood Association, this project explores how a holistic approach to community development can strengthen a neighborhood’s connectivity.
  • Ayers, Adrienne; Lane Smith, Cornetta; Harris, Kenita; Wilson, Danielle (2023-01-18)
    This project explores/envisions a Detroit education ecosystem--a complex, interconnected system made up of people, physical assets, organizations, industries, all work together to position students, teachers and ...

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